Texas A&M Will Wear 1939 Throwbacks, Including Amazing Helmets


Normally we like to wait until Friday to cover college football uniforms, but we figured that this was so special that it deserved its own post. That’s what Texas A&M achieved with their throwback uniform set, which included one of the best and most unique throwback helmet designs seen in football for a while.

The Aggies will be celebrating the 1939 National Championship squad this Saturday, and they’ll mark the occasion by wearing throwback uniforms from that era.

TAMU 1 TAMU 2As you can see, the uniforms themselves are pretty plain (as most  football uniforms were in that era): Maroon jerseys with cream numbers and cream pants with a commemorative patch. If you take a close look, the shoes are even going for a throwback look, with a faux brown leather look.

However, the star of this show is the helmet.

TAMU 3 TAMU 4Look at the detail! From the faux-rusted over look on the facemask and bumper to the faux-stitching on the striping and across the back of the helmet and the overall matte finish, this is an absolutely incredible-looking throwback helmet. Back when Washington in the NFL released their 80th anniversary throwback set, I figured that the helmets from that set were going to be a game-changer as far as throwback helmets from the leather helmet days of football were concerned. That indeed figures to be the case here, as the desingers have gone above and beyond what that helmet accomplished and have come up with a modern helmet that perfectly captures the throwback feel of the original helmets. Incredible work, here.

But what do you think? Are you as i love with those helmets as I am? How about the rest of the uniform set? Let us know what you think!