College Football Uniform Roundup: 11/1/14 Weekend

Featured Congratulations, you’ve made it to the weekend! Your reward for making it through 5 long days of work is 2 days of doing whatever in the world you want to do with whoever you want to do it with. If one of those things happens to be watching college football and keeping up with who’s wearing what, then here’s more congratulations for finding your way to the right place! There’s plenty to cover, so let’s get into it.


Florida & Georgia The annual World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party is going down in Jacksonville this weekend and for the first time since 1973, it’ll be a color vs color affair, as the two rivals have agreed to wear their home uniforms for the clash. Friend of the site Phil Hecken posted a pretty nifty photoshop of what it could look like at the line of scrimmage.

UGA Florida

Florida State They made a couple of more tweaks to the new uniforms that they unveiled during the Summer. The changes include a new collar and a switch from gold numbers back to a more traditional red. This is after they had to make tweaks to the color of the helmets and pants after the first game due to them looking too much like khaki instead of gold and also changed the shade of red as well. Seems like the Seminoles are getting closer to actually settling on their new uniforms.

Florida State 1 Florida State 2


Florida State wore those unis on a trip to Kentucky to face off with the Louisville Cardinals, and The ‘Ville wore some funky uniforms to welcome the Seminoles to town. They’ve worn black more often than red this season, but they went full on gray/silver/anthracite with their look on Thursday night. They revealed these uniforms a while back but they finally put them into action against the defending National Champions. If this was their attempt to spark the team, it worked up until the 2nd half. As for the uniforms themselves, I’m not crazy about them.

Louisville 1 Louisville 2Minnesota

We’re nearing Veterans Day, so don’t be surprised to see helmets like this for most of the month. Here’s Minnesota’s tribute.

Minnesota 1 Minnesota 2

Texas A&M

We covered this when it was unveiled, but those helmets deserve one more look because good gosh-a-moly they are GORGEOUS.

Texas A&M 2 Texas A&M 1Texas Tech

If you remember, we actually posted a picture of the helmet in the 10/18/14 roundup and speculated as to whether or not this was part of Texas Tech’s annual Lone Star Pride uniforms. As it turns out, they were and now thanks to Erik_TTU on Twitter, we’ve got a look at the uniforms before they hit the field.

Texas Tech 4 Texas Tech 2 Texas Tech 1 Texas Tech 3South Florida

Traditional Veterans Day tribute for the Bulls, here.

USF 1South Carolina

For the first time since 2009 when they wore a Military tribute uniform, the Gamecocks will be wearing black jerseys and pants. Kinda interesting that it’s been that long, since I’m pretty sure that they had the option of wearing black jerseys and pants in their previous set, but I guess they just chose not to.

South Carolina


The “LA Steel” uniforms that were worn last year vs Washington will be making their return in 2014 for this weekend’s home game against Arizona. Here’s a few pics from last year, and I wouldn’t blame you for wondering why they didn’t just decide to keep these in 2013. Especially those helmets, which are definitely are a pale imitation of their excellent primary helmets.



And that is it for now. As usual, we might see a few changes up until kickoff of plenty of games, so this isn’t definitive, but this should be a good guide to what you’ll be seeing throughout the day. Which look is your favorite?