Farewell Pinstripes: Twins Dropping Classic Look

Minnesota Twins Pinstripe Home Uniform 2014 The Minnesota Twins are shedding the pinstripes from their home uniform in 2015. This according to a tweet from Star Tribune Sportsdesk Editor Ken Chia. Ken’s tweet below:

Ken later learned via further discussions at the pro shop that there would be the same wordmark but with gold trim, on the caps too.

SportsLogos.Net can 100% confirm that Ken’s story is accurate. The Twins will indeed be dropping the pinstripes from their home whites for 2015. Gold will be added as a drop shadow on the wordmark – the wordmark will be the same design as has been used since 1987, however it will not be coloured the same way as in previous years.

The cream heritage jersey (yes, with the pinstripes) will remain as a home alternate. The road and navy blue alternates also remain unchanged.

No pinstripes on the Twins uniforms in the 1970s and early 1980s
No pinstripes on the Twins uniforms in the 1970s and early 1980s

As Ken mentioned, there will be a cap with gold trim. At this time, our sources indicate this will be just an alternate cap and not the full-time home or road cap… this is something that could easily change, especially since the home jersey will have the gold trim it seems to make sense that it would be used with that uniform.

Minnesota has worn pinstripes on their uniforms since their 1987 World Series Championship season, they were wearing pinstripes when they won the Series again in 1991. The Twins wore pinstripes during their first season in the Twin Cities, inheriting them from the relocated Washington Senators in 1961, they dropped them completely in 1972 before they made their return in 1987 on both the home and road uniform. In 2010 they were removed from the road uniform only.