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Mississippi State Reveals 2014 Egg Bowl Uniforms

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Thanksgiving Weekend is normally when we see most of the big college football rivalry games, and it’s no different in the state of Mississippi, where the state’s two SEC schools (the Mississippi State Bulldogs and the Ole Miss Rebels) do battle for the Golden Egg Trophy in the Egg Bowl. While Ole Miss’s fans seem to see Louisiana State as a bigger rival and don’t really seem to see the rivalry as a big deal (unless they win), Mississippi State goes all out for the season-ender. Since head coach Dan Mullen’s arrival, the school has put out a campaign with a clear intent of taking over the State, and the team has revealed special uniforms for the Egg Bowl since the 2011 season, in which the gold from the trophy is incorporated into the team’s color scheme. This ranges from gold numbers to gold outlines on the school logo to even gold helmets in the case of last season.

This season, gold is predictably part of the scheme again. The most striking application of gold comes in the numbers, which are gold and have golden outlines of the state of Mississippi within the numbers. Can you tell that this is a team from Mississippi? I don’t think that they’re reminding us enough.

Mississippi State 1 Mississippi State 2 Mississippi State 5In addition, the helmet also has a bit of gold, though significantly less than last year’s set, which included a golden helmet. Instead, gold is once again relegated as a secondary color, outlining the M-State logo and used as a facemask color.

Mississippi State 3Considering what we’ve seen from State in their past few special Egg Bowl uniforms, this is actually pretty tame, in my opinion. What do you think, though? Nice uniform for the Bulldogs?