Chicago Blackhawks Take It Back To The 50s With 2015 Winter Classic Jerseys

Blackhawks 2

After the hosts of the 2015 Winter Classic revealed their fauxback uniforms for the New Year’s Day outdoor occasion back in September, we’ve been anxiously awaiting to see what the visitors would come up with.

Although the Washington Capitals pulled their idea from a time in which the Caps didn’t exist, the Blackhawks had no such problem, as they decided to bring their 1957 sweaters into the present-day for the Winter Classic.

Blackhawks 3Thanks to the fact that the general design of the Blackhawks’ uniforms has remained constant since the mid-1950’s, this uniform is nearly identical to the road uniform that the Blackhawks currently wear. The main differences between this incarnation of the 1957 design and the current road set come in the form of the lace up collar, the name/number block font (which is serifed), and the C-Tomahawk logo, which is mostly red, black, and white (with a tad bit of yellow) instead of being mostly red, yellow, green, black, and white. You can get a good look at the number font and the new/old C-Tomahawk logo in the picture below.

Blackhawks 5

For comparison’s sakes, here’s what the 1957-58 sweater looked like, according to The main reason why I said that the Winter Classic jersey is nearly identical to the Blackhawks road set is because of the fact that the Winter Classic logo appears to be using the current Blackhawk head logo, instead of throwing things all the way back and utilizing the Blackhawk head logo that was actually used back then. Also, the C-Tomahawk logo is slightly different, but still in the same place.

Blackhawks 1

So, while it’s a bit of a bummer that the Blackhawks didn’t take it all the way back by even utilizing a throwback Blackhawk head, let’s be honest: It’s a Blackhawks uniform. Of course it’s going to look good. The Blackhawks have had one of the best uniforms in all of North American sports for quite some time now, and the throwbacks are no exception.

Blackhawks 4

What are your thoughts on the Winter Classic uniforms for the Blackhawks? Do you think that they should’ve gone deeper in their catalog, or is this an acceptable choice for the ‘Hawks?