Andre Drummond Had His Last Name Spelled Wrong On His Jersey

Drummond F

Another week, another uniform mishap has gone down in the sports world. Last week, there was the case of the poor Ohio State kicker who took to the field in the wrong set of pants. Now, we’ve turned our attention to the NBA, where promising Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond suffered a small bit of uniform-related embarrassment as well.

It’s a good thing that they tell you to play for the name on the front instead of the back, because the Pistons misspelled Drummond’s name on the back of his jersey. Yikes.

H/T to @NBASweatpants for the screencap

Yep, he made it through an entire quarter with the wrong name on the back of his jersey. Fortunately, he didn’t have to go through the entire game playing as a similarly-but-not-the-same-named person, as the Pistons eventually got him a jersey with his name spelled correctly. Unfortunately, just as they failed to bring the “O” in “Drummond” full circle, they also failed to bring a victory as they fell to the Chicago Bulls last night.

Things have already been hard enough for the Pistons in recent years; They don’t need to add to their bad juju by misspelling their players names on their jersey.