MLS Trademarks Two Los Angeles Team Logos, Names


Major League Soccer has registered two different team logos with slightly different names with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for their new Los Angeles based franchise, set to start play in 2017.

The two logos were originally registered back in January 2014, they have now been assigned “published for opposition” dates set for early December.

You can find the logos yourself at the USPTO website, registered under serial numbers 86169178 and 86169183.

LAFC Logo 1

Logo #1 was registered along with the name “Los Angeles F.C.”, which is the name the club appears to be going forward with. The logo is on a shield in black, red, and gold, the main feature of the logo is a stylized graphic of a lion on the left, a bear on the right, and an eagle above the two of them. The three animals are positioned in front of a castle.

LAFC Logo 2

Logo #2 is a much more simple graphic than the first and was registered using the name “Los Angeles SC”. Another black, red, and gold shield with a red cross on it. A different symbol in each quadrant, a star in the upper left, a tower upper right, a bear lower right, and a lion in the lower left.

LAFC did recently announce that fans will be consulted on most of the decisions regarding the branding of the team, including the team crest, perhaps these two logos are just two of the options fans will be presented. If so, option 1 should be the obvious winner.