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Florida State Seminoles Will Wear Black “Unconquered” Uniforms This Weekend

Florida State Unconquered F

Back in the Summer, Florida State’s football program revealed their new uniforms, which they have tweaked a few times before coming up with something that the fans and the school itself were happy with. Now, they’ve had an ace in the hole uniform-wise that they’ll reportedly be utilizing on Saturday: Their black “Unconquered” alternate uniforms.

Florida State Unconquered 3

Florida State Unconquered 4

This isn’t Florida State’s first venture with black. They wore the original black “Unconquered” alternates (which could be a considered a way of using Native American imagery in sports in a positive manner instead of using it as caricature, even if FSU coaching legend Bobby Bowden wasn’t a fan) back in 2008 when blackouts were all of the rage in college football. Now, having a bevy of uniform combinations is the new wave, and Florida State is hopping on it with this uniform.

Florida State Unconquered 5

Now, one thing that I think might be changed are the things that have already been changed when it comes to Florida State’s uniform this season; That is their collar and the shade of garnet and gold that they’ve been using. So while these pictures of the Seminoles in these black uniforms are out there, I’d expect the actual on-field product to look slightly different this coming Saturday.

Florida State Unconquered 1

Personally, I’m not a fan of the look, and it’s mostly for one reason: The helmet. I would’ve preferred a design closer to the Pro Combat helmets that they wore in 2009, or at least make the helmet one color. The 2-toned helmet makes it look like the helmet’s just trying to be trendy for trendy’s sake.

With that being said, there’s no doubt that should Florida State show up wearing this on Saturday, it’ll give the players and fans a jolt for the game. But how about you? Are you a fan of these or do you think that they should just stick to garnet and gold?