Los Angeles Kings Wear LA Dodgers Warmup Jerseys


LA Kings Dodgers 3

Earlier this year during the previous season (in which the Los Angeles Kings brought home another Stanley Cup), the LA Kings decided to wear Dodgers warmup jerseys for a night. Like many warmup jersey promotions across the NHL, this figured to be a one-time deal, especially considering that its main purpose was to promote the fact that the team would be playing an outdoor game at Dodger Stadium later that month.

Well, the Kings decided that it was time to bring the promotion back, as for some reason the Kings decided that a night in mid-November would be Dodgers Night at the Staples Center.

As you can see in the tweet, the jerseys are now going up for silent auction at the link that they provided, which means that these jerseys will probably be gone for good after tonight, but for a good cause.

Here’s a few pics of the jerseys laid out, and a couple of action shots as well.
LA Kings Dodgers 1

LA Kings Dodgers 2

LA Kings Dodgers 3

LA Kings Dodgers 4

I’m not a fan of the gray armpit design, but I’ve gotta say: That Dodgers script looks really nice on a hockey jersey. Then again, you could put the Dodgers logo on a dump truck and that dump truck would immediately become the classiest dump truck in North America. So yes, it’s weird; But it looks decent enough, and for a warmup jersey, it’s a fun change of pace.

Meanwhile, do you guys have any crossover ideas of your own? I know it’s a big deal over on the CCSLC, but if you’ve got any of your own, go ahead and post em in the comments!