Tennessee Titans Will Be Going Back To Navy As Primary Home Uniform

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For about 11 years now, the Tennessee Titans have worn “Titan Blue” uniforms, and from 2008 on, these uniforms were the primary home look for the Titans, with the preferred combo being White-Titan Blue-Navy Blue.

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However, if you’ve been following the Titans then you know that they’ve actually been wearing white a lot more this season than any other uniform. They’ve worn white jerseys 9 times this season, and only wore their Titan Blue uniform during preseason. In fact, they’ve worn the navy alternate jersey (which was their primary jersey back when the team took on the Titans identity back in 1999) more in this regular season (once) than they have their primary home uniform (none).

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There may be a good reason for that. According to ESPN.com Titans Writer Paul Kuharsky, President/CEO of the Titans Tommy Smith is not a big fan of the light blue design, and since he’s the one calling the shots there, the Titans are apparently finished with the Titan Blue jerseys as a primary home uniform and will be going back to the navy uniforms as the primary look.

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That explains why we haven’t seen the Titans wear their current home uniforms as much. It’s probably a way to phase out the “old” home unis and phase in the even older home uniforms. But for now, I’m going to use this opportunity to lament the fact that during the entire time that they wore the Titan Blue as their primary uniform, they only wore the combo of White-Titan Blue-White a grand total of 2 times. Just two!
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In my opinion, it was the perfect nod to the team’s past identity of the Houston Oilers, and personally I think it’s a shame that the Titans didn’t utilize this look more often. They still have a chance to since there are still 3 home games left for Tennessee this season, but considering the fact that the President/CEO of the team isn’t a fan of the look, the odds are incredibly stacked in favor of them continuing to keep on wearing white and they’d probably even wear navy before they break out the Titan Blue jerseys again, much less that particular combo. So I’m not even going to get my hopes up.

However, if you’re a fan of the look that the team had back when they were considered a contender in the AFC, then you’re probably happy to see the navy jerseys come back since they made some pretty good memories happen in those jerseys. But for the rest of you, what do you think?