DC Comics Sues Valencia CF Over Bat Logo

Valencia F

In “Yes, This Is Seriously A Thing That Is Actually Happening” news, DC Comics apparently actually filed a lawsuit against Spanish La Liga side Valencia CF due to the fact that a variant that Valencia planned to use looked too similar to DC’s Batman logo.

Now to reiterate, this isn’t about the current crest that Valencia uses (i.e. the crest in the featured image above), but we’re talking about a new variant that Valencia was going to use in the future. Here’s an image that’s got the two logos side by side.

Valencia 1So, apparently DC Comics and Batman have a monopoly on this particular type of bat logo, because Valencia have now scrapped the plans to use the crest and claim that there’s no lawsuit ongoing. It’s kind of shocking that DC Comics might come on top in this thing, considering that Valencia’s been using bat iconography since before Batman existed, but I suppose that there are two places you don’t want to fight Batman at: In the darkness of night and in a courtroom.

But what do you guys think? Should Valencia CF have had to scrap their alt logo, or did DC Comics actually have a legit gripe here?


So, after a couple of comments and an obvservation by twitter user Greg McCulloch (@seventeen11), it’s pretty clear that if we’re talking about the Batman Beyond logo, then yeah, DC Comics probably had a legit gripe here.

Valencia 2I’m sorry for doubting you, Batman. Please don’t come after me.