Oklahoma City RedHawks Now Dodgers – Unveil Logos, Uniforms

OKC Dodgers New Logo 2015

The Oklahoma City RedHawks (AAA-Dodgers) have announced they will be known as the Oklahoma City Dodgers beginning with the 2015 season. The RedHawks announced they were affiliating with (and a sizeable chunk being purchased by) the Los Angeles Dodgers just a few weeks ago.

The primary logo is in the shape of a home plate with the familiar Dodgers script on it, two crossed silver bats at the bottom in front of a brick pattern, representing their home ballpark of Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark.

“The Dodgers are an internationally known brand, so they don’t do this kind of thing lightly. But they also thought that this was the best way possible to plant their flag here, so that we could really connect the dots with this new affiliation. This gave us a chance to use the Dodgers font as inspiration, while still finding ways to make it unique to Oklahoma City.” – OKC Dodgers President & GM Michael Byrnes

Home cap logo on the left, primary logo in middle, road cap logo on right
Home cap logo on the left, primary logo in middle, road cap logo on right

On the home cap is an “OKC” logo designed in the style of the old Brooklyn Dodgers cap logo (a nice nod to the past). The road cap is fairly busy, featuring a state outline of Oklahoma with “OKLA” across it, the “LA” of which from the LA Dodgers cap logo. A red star points to the location of Oklahoma City within the state.

The logos were NOT designed by Brandiose (right? so rare!) instead they were done by the Los Angeles Dodgers graphic design staff headed up by Ross Yoshida.

Dodgers RedHawks

“We didn’t just want to slap ‘Oklahoma City’ over an existing Dodgers logo and call it a day,” said Ross Yoshida, Los Angeles Dodgers Director of Graphic Design in a Dodgers press release. “We wanted to tailor the Dodger brand to something that people in Oklahoma City could take pride in, hence elements like the homage to Bricktown on the primary logo and the SkyDance Bridge patch on the home uniforms.”

OKC Dodgers logos

There are several secondary and alternate logos which go along with this rebranding. In the graphic above, starting top left is what’s officially designated as the secondary logo, essentially the LA Dodgers primary logo with Oklahoma City in it’s place. Next to that is what’s being worn on the home jersey sleeve, incorporating Oklahoma City’s SkyDance Bridge as well as a nod to all of the names of the franchise by way of the three red stars – 89ers, RedHawks, and Dodgers.

OKC Dodgers unis

The home and road uniforms borrow heavily off of the set worn by the parent LA Dodgers — the sleeve on the home jersey is the aforementioned patch in the paragraph above, paired with the “OKC” cap. On the road the jerseys will say “Oklahoma” across the front with “CITY” in the script tail, on the sleeve is a patch featuring the state of Oklahoma in silver with the team name around it and the Dodgers script. A grey cap will be worn with the road uniform.

The alternate is a unique one, that’s for sure, blue pants are rarely seen as a regular feature on a modern baseball uniform. The design is inspired by that of the 1948 Brooklyn Dodgers’ satin “night time” uniforms, the cap worn with this uniform is blue with a white front panel. Patch on the sleeve is the same as what’s on the road jersey.

OKC Caps

So, that’s the Oklahoma City Dodgers… but what about the true victims of a total rebrand, the team mascots. The RedHawks mascot team of Cooper and Ruby is regarded as one of the best in all of Minor League Baseball, surely they’ll be back in Dodger blue in 2015…

Sadly not.

Cooper and Ruby

“Although Cooper and Ruby gained a reputation as two of the best mascots in all of Minor League Baseball, they have decided to “retire” and will not appear at Oklahoma City Dodgers games. However, the team will be introducing new mascots before the 2015 season begins and will rely on our great fans to help come up with new names!”

Sorry fans of these two.

OKC Dodgers merchandise is available now at the ballpark shop.