Real Madrid’s Kits For 2015/16 Season Leak

Real Madrid F

In what has to be a record for earliest leak of a uniform/kit, Real Madrid’s kits for next season have leaked onto the internet. Yes, we may have just seen a team’s kits for the season that kicks off in August 2015 and we’re still in 2014. However, we are dealing with arguably the most popular sports team in the entire world here, so maybe it would make sense that someone would jump the gun a full 9 months away from next season’s kickoff.

First, we have a leaked image from (with a hat tip to friend of the site Conrad Burry), who have been known to leak a kit or two in their day. While some of the stuff they have on their site are clear photoshops and concepts, the main reason why this is probably legit is because of the detail, which we’ll see later on.

Real Madrid 1Then there’s this image, which goes in detail.

Real Madrid 2Plus, it fits all of the hallmarks of a Real Madrid set of kits: Plain white shirt for home, neon accents on the secondary kit, and simple-but-striking 3rd shirt. We’re gonna go ahead and say that this is a legit kit, and we’ll be shocked if they turn out in something different for next season.

But what do you guys think? Think this is a good kit for Los Blancos? Think they might come up with something different in time for 2015?