Nike Reveals Tweaked Uniforms For College Football Playoff Teams

College Football Playoff F

This season in college football will go down as one of the most important ones in the history of the sport, mainly because of the fact that for the first time in history, the NCAA Division 1-A/Football Bowl Subdivision will have a playoff to decide the National Championship. The 4 teams involved in the inaugural playoff are Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State, and Oregon. However, what all 4 schools have in common is that they’re sponsored by Nike, who were probably jumping for joy at how this season turned out. Now, all 4 schools have received a special tweak to their uniforms for the playoff.

Of course, we have to start with Oregon. They’ll be wearing kelly green from head to toe with yellow numbers, and instead of wearing the winged helmet design that they wore for the first time in the 2012 Rose Bowl, the Ducks will be going back to their “traditional” helmet design: An all-green helmet with a yellow “O” on it. So, as far as Oregon is concerned, this is actually a pretty understated look. I’m actually shocked.

CFP Oregon 3 CFP Oregon 2 CFP Oregon 1Then we have Ohio State, who have made a few tweaks to their uniforms as well. The Buckeyes have apparently gone back to an old stripe design that we haven’t seen for nearly a decade now. Also, they have black numbers on the shoulders (which is a strange addition if we’re being honest here) and have added the “O” logo that is at the center of their home stadium’s field as a chest logo.

CFP Ohio State 2 CFP Ohio State 1

CFP Ohio State 3

For Florida State, the main change here is that the collar is now exactly the same as the away uniform’s collar. That’s about it, though, as the uniform design that they’ve finally settled on after a season of tweaks is mostly in tact.

CFP Florida State 1 CFP Florida State 2

Then we have Alabama. What could those crazy kids in Tuscaloosa have in store for the playoff, knowing their wild and outrageous uniform history? A special undershirt design. That’s it. We’ve got a close look at the design which contains phrases relevant to Alabama’s storied football history, but other than that, what you’ve seen Alabama wear for years now is what they’ll be wearing in the playoff.

CFP Alabama 2 CFP Alabama 1

CFP Alabama 3In addition, each team’s Nike swoosh is now in a “Fractal-Diamond” white, in order to make sure that even the swoosh is fancy for this event. Also, for those wondering where the away uniforms are, I’m guessing that those will be on the way soon. But by reading the press release, the only uniform that will bring some sort of intrigue here will be Oregon’s away jersey and Ohio State’s as well just to see what the small differences are between the home and away set for that school. Alabama and Florida State will be wearing the same away uniform (should Alabama elect to wear white).

What do you guys think? Glad to see the “O” helmet return for Oregon? Happy to see Ohio State bring back a traditional stripe design? Glad that Alabama didn’t go nuts? Let us know how you feel!