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New Pirates Uniform Coming Saturday

Pittsburgh Pirates Retro Sunday Alternate Uniform 2014

The Pittsburgh Pirates are expected to unveil a new uniform this weekend, on Saturday, December 13th.

This news courtesy one of our Twitter followers:

While this is certainly something you’d usually just file away in the “it’s a rumour” bin on its own, we at SportsLogos.Net have known about a new Pittsburgh Pirates alternate jersey for 2015 for quite some time — information that hadn’t been made public… so with that,  I’m confident in saying the unveiling date is *probably* Saturday. (UPDATE: The Pirates have confirmed they will unveil a new uniform on Saturday at 3pm):

New Pirates Jersey Coming Soon

What do we know and what can we share… Well, for one, the existing black alternate Pirates uniform is staying — as is the retro Sunday home jersey seen in the photo up top (although it may be converted to a button-up instead of the pullover its been for a couple of seasons, we are hearing things about that).

We can also share that the new uniform will come with its own matching cap, giving the Pirates four different game caps (regular home/road, black alt with white outline, retro Sunday gold, and the new cap unveiled Saturday).

Also please note that it is NOT the all-gold “leak” that’s making the rounds on Twitter, so disregard that one should you come across it.

Unfortunately… that’s all we’re allowed to share right now. Our apologies… personally, I don’t think most people are going to like the uniform and I’m usually right about these things.

Check back Saturday for the full unveil.

UPDATE (Dec 11/14 1:17pm ET):

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 13.20.03

Straight from the Pittsburgh Pirates official website — they’ll be giving away replica kids camouflage jerseys and camouflage caps during a couple of promotions in the upcoming season.

Just throwing that out there…