San Jose Sharks Rep NorCal on 2015 Stadium Series Uniform

San Jose Sharks 2015 Stadium Series Uniform

The San Jose Sharks have unveiled their 2015 NHL Stadium Series Uniform, the half-teal, half-black jersey will be worn when they face the Los Angeles Kings at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara on February 21.

San Jose Sharks 2015 Stadium Series Jersey

The front of the uniform features the top half in teal, bottom half in black, with a horizontal white stripe separating the two. Centred on the white stripe is the San Jose Sharks logo. The entire back of the jersey is teal with large player numbers in white (extremely large on the sleeve). On the shoulder is a new logo paying homage to San Jose’s Northern California fans, a star placed in the location of San Jose.

San Jose Sharks Stadium Series

San Jose Sharks Northern California Patch

The numbers on the back and sleeves have been enlarged (back 11.5″ to 13″, sleeve 4″ to 7″) to increase visibility from the stands, due to the game being played in a football stadium the fans will be sitting significantly farther away from the action than in a standard hockey arena.

No more “chromifying” of jersey logos this time, but they have been reconstructed to be lighter and now features a “carbon fiber finish for greater visual impact”

This is Sharks Territory Jersey

Sharks Stadium Series Collar

Reebok explained the design of their new Stadium Series template like so:

The 2015 Stadium Series uniforms looked to embrace the significantly larger scale of the venues in ways that help enhance the in venue visual experience. By looking outside of just hockey, at other large venue events, the Reebok Design team arrived at the concept of amplification, or “Amplify” as the driving design mindset for the concept of these uniforms.

While grounded in tradition hockey uniform design motifs, the 2015 Stadium Series uniforms re-interpret these elements in a more streamlined and amplified way. As part of this design process, the Reebok Design Team, NHL, and the San Jose Sharks worked together to reduce the elements of the uniform design down to its core design markers. Designers then explored how to take this core set of motifs and turn up the visual volume on them. One question repeated throughout the process was “If you can’t see it from 200 yards away, does it need to be there?” The final result are uniforms that still look like hockey uniforms, but are streamlined and bold in their visual.

The Los Angeles Kings are expected to schedule their Stadium Series jersey in the coming days, it is expected theirs will be a copy of the Sharks design except with a half-silver, half-white colour scheme… including white pants and socks. Looking forward to that train wreck.