2015 Under Armour All-America Game To Feature Neon Tron-Esque Uniforms

Under Armour All-America F

Last season’s Under Armour All-America Game caught a lot of attention due to the fact that the two teams wore some especially funky uniforms. One team was in gray and neon green, while the other team was in red, black, and neon green. It was a strange look, but Under Armour’s clearly got their pulse on what the kids like nowadays, so I’m sure that those guys playing in the game itself were pretty hype to wear this get-up.

Under Armour All-America 2014

If you were thinking that Under Armour would tone things down for 2015, then you’d be especially wrong in that regard. If anything, they turned things up with the uniform design for this year, which looks about as futuristic as you can get.

Under Armour All-America Away Under Armour All-America HomeI know that “Back To The Future Part II” jokes may be a tad bit played out even though we’re only 2 days into 2015, but I’d imagine that if you were to ask someone in 1985 what football uniforms would look like in 2015 if they had a chance to fire up the time-travelling DeLorean and head 30 years into the future, they’d probably draw something up that looks like what you see above. Neon colors, intricate striping from head to toe, weird number font. This has it all.

Under Armour All-America Gloves Under Armour All-America Socks

Again, this may look 100% weird and funky to a lot of you out there, but this is the type of thing that the recruits love to wear, and right now their fashion sense is king in college football, so we’ll probably see something even crazier next year. But for now, what do you guys make of the funky uniforms for this season’s Under Armour All-America game?