Oregon Goes Back To Grayscale For National Championship Game

CFB Playoff Final Feature

After the college football’s regular season ended and the 4-team College Football Playoff was set, Nike revealed a new set of home and away uniforms for each team in the Playoff. While Alabama and Florida State went with uniforms that were nearly identical to what they wore during the regular season, Oregon and Ohio State decided to bring out some new uniforms, with Ohio State going back to the striping design that they dropped back in the mid-2000s, while Oregon revealed an eye-catching Apple Green uniform that brought back the much-welcomed return of the regular green-and-yellow “O” helmet.

CFP Oregon 1

If you were a fan of that beautifully colorful look in the Rose Bowl, then you’ll probably be disappointed to see what Oregon and Nike have in store for the National Championship Game. Instead of making the uniform white with green-and-yellow accents, Oregon has gone back to the crutch hot new trendy look of mostly gray/silver.

CFB Playoff Final Oregon 4 CFB Playoff Final Oregon 3 CFB Playoff Final Oregon 2 CFB Playoff Final Oregon 1Even Puddles on the sleeves has been grayscaled! I’ve gotta say, it’s really disappointing that the home uniform could look so nice while the away jersey could look like…well, this. Definitely a downgrade from their Rose Bowl uniform, in my opinion.

Meanwhile, Ohio State is the “home” team for the title game, which means that we get to see the red version of their “new” uniform, which you can take a look at below. It’s Ohio State, so it’s not particularly anything special, but it’s still a great look for one of college football’s blueblood programs.

CFB Playoff FInal Oregon 5And if that simple image of the two uniforms for the big game doesn’t tickle your fancy, here’s a more theatrical version for you to look at, compliments of Nike:

College Football Playoff FinalIf only the Ducks and Buckeyes could seriously play football with metallic wings and superhero capes. Maybe in the next century? Anyways, what do you guys think of the new uniforms for the title game? Anybody out there actually a fan of Oregon’s look?