Ohio State, Oregon Both Have Black Endzones For National Championship Game

College Football Playoff Field

We already know about Oregon ditching their school colors in favor of grayscale for the National Championship game. Now, the endzones on the field where the title will be decided will also have a decidedly dark look to them, and not just for Oregon.

Indeed, whoever’s in charge of the field design for the first ever College Football Playoff Championship Game has decided that both teams will have black endzones, as you can see below. There’s probably still a few more small additions to be made design-wise to the field, but this is pretty close to the finished project, I think.

College Football Playoff Field
Credit to @HailTTR for the image

However, there appears to be a “good” reason for this: It’s all about the brand. As you can see, the College Football Playoff’s logo is black-and-gold, so naturally, the organizers wanted to emphasize those colors and instead of having a somewhat gaudy gold endzone, a neutral black was the best option.

Still, it’s a bit of a bummer that we won’t see Oregon’s green endzone or Ohio State’s beautiful shade of Scarlet in their respective endzones. However, we’re in 2015 and it’s all about branding these days, so the brand wins out once again.