Throw ‘Em Back: Islanders New “Fisherman” Jerseys Disappoint

New York Islanders Fisherman Uniform 1997

As part of their celebrations honouring the final season they’ll play at the Nassau County Veterans Memorial Coliseum, the New York Islanders will be bringing back the most infamous look in team history.

But they’re not doing it right. Not even close.

Today the Islanders shared photos of the uniforms they’ll wear *prior* (not during) their game on February 3rd, it’s the “Fisherman” logo and it’s been slapped onto a practice jersey.

Islanders Fisherman Logo Returns 2015

That’s all.

No waves, no lighthouse logo, at least the whacky font is kinda back.

So really, that’s it? You have the opportunity to bring back one of the most talked about uniform designs of the past 30 years and you do this? And then you don’t even wear them during the game?! What’s even the point? Argh.

*counting backwards from ten*

Alright so there’s some point, the jerseys will be auctioned off with proceeds going to a children’s charity, but I have a suspicion you’d have made a whole lot more if you were auctioning off actual uniforms… the whole thing, jerseys, socks, gloves. People would eat that right up.

Islanders gotta Islander it all up, amiright?