Is This The Vancouver Whitecaps’ 2015 Home Shirt?

Whitecaps 2015 F

We’re a couple of months away from Major League Soccer starting up again, which also means that their “Jersey Week” tradition is also right around the corner. However, we may have gotten our first look at one of the jerseys set to be unveiled for this year’s jersey week and it comes from that stylish club in the Pacific Northwest: the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Thanks to Matthew DeCap (@EliSantX on twitter), we may have gotten a look at what the Whitecaps will be wearing for the majority of their matches in 2015. There’s a small bit of debate as to whether or not this is a training top or if it’s actually a new kit, but to me, this looks like your standard replica adidas soccer jersey, which means that this is probably the real deal.

Whitecaps 2015

Now of course, we’ll probably get a better look at all of the details once the shirt is officially unveiled in the coming months but for now, this is probably the design that the Whitecaps will be wearing in 2015, and it’s not all that bad, if I’m being totally honest here. Do you all agree?