Super Bowl XLIX, 2014 Conference Phantom Merchandise


Super Bowl Phantom

As we get settled into the ever-exciting “Bye Week”, let’s take a moment to look back on yesterday’s NFL conference championship games.

First, in the NFC the Seattle Seahawks rallied back to win a game I had long switched the channel on (and therefore missed the entire comeback). Below is a sampling of merchandise which the Green Bay Packers faithful surely would have purchased this morning if they just could have held onto that lead:packers phantom nfc


Next up was the AFC Championship where the Patriots did their thing all over the Indianapolis Colts… either that or they didn’t properly inflate the footballs, we’ll probably never know just for sure. Anyways, the Colts lost and therefore the merchandise below will likely never see the light of day:

Colts phantom


Not only are Colts and Packers conference championship merchandise now destined for third-world donations, as to are the various Super Bowl “dueling” merchandise… “dueling” merchandise is referred to items which feature the two finalists rather than just one team.

As for any championship game, once the semi-finals (or conference championships) are set there are four possible “dueling” outcomes…

Super Bowl XLIX Dueling 4

Four shirts, only one will hit store shelves…

Super Bowl XLIX Dueling 5

It’s not just clothing; flags, banners, and pennants are a popular “dueling” piece:

Super Bowl XLIX Dueling 3

Super Bowl XLIX Dueling 6

For the avid coin collector:

Super Bowl XLIX Dueling 2

Or someone who just likes fancy prints?

Super Bowl XLIX Dueling