The 2015 Away Kit For US Soccer Gets A High-Profile Leak

USMNT 2015 Kit

About a month ago, ran with a story that implied that this weird, mostly blue shirt was the new US Soccer away kit. Again, just like some other soccer shirts that have leaked, there were rumors that due to the fact that this was a training top due to the design of the shirt being a bit “out there.” However, we may have gotten concrete proof that this shirt may be the real deal.

USMNT 2015 Kit 2Yep. That is US Soccer superstar Alex Morgan wearing the shirt that’s yet to be unveiled. In addition, it seems to have 2 stars above the US Soccer crest. Also, it’s basically identical to the shirt that you can see below. So, if a prominent member of one of US Soccer’s teams is wearing this, then that probably means that the shirt is legit and this is probably what we’ll be seeing the USWNT wear at some point during the 2015 Women’s World Cup and what the other US Soccer teams will be wearing as well.

USMNT 2015 Kit 3If this turns out to be legit (which is more than likely is at this point), then I’ve gotta say: This is a downgrade from the Bomb Pop away kits that the USMNT wore for the 2014 World Cup. Yeah, people made fun of them but the design actually grew on the fans. Also, winning tends to breed appreciation of things, and since one of the more famous goals in recent United States World Cup history was scored in the Bomb Pop shirts, it’ll have a positive association for a long time. Meanwhile, these shirts will probably take a lot of getting used to, at least for me.

But what do you think? Do you disagree and think that this is an upgrade? Let us know how you feel!