2015 Pro Bowl Uniforms Are Very Similar To 2014 Version

2015 Pro Bowl F

We’ve reached the final week of January. There was a time when this would be the week where all the Super Bowl craziness would be going down, but instead that wacky week has been pushed back to the first week of February. Now, the final week of January is reserved for the calm before the storm: The 1-week bye that the Super Bowl competitors get to enjoy. In addition, the NFL decided to put the Pro Bowl in that week lull in order to bring some interest to the game. So far, the most interesting thing to happen is the fact that they changed up the format from NFC vs AFC to a real-life fantasy draft of sorts and also the fact that the uniforms are undeniably funky.

For starters, here’s what they wore last year: Highlighter orange, highlighter green, and gray. What a combo!

2015 Pro Bowl 4

And now, here’s what you came for: The 2015 Pro Bowl uniforms!

2015 Pro Bowl 1

As you can see, the highlighter colors and gray have all returned with a few minor tweaks. For starters, the numbers appear to be a bit thinner this time around, both teams have different-colored pants instead of a monochrome look, and the splashes of color on each pair of pants have significantly more gray than before.

The away jersey now has a gray shoulder yoke with green striping near the arimpits (with orange striping in the same area on the “home” jersey).

2015 Pro Bowl 2

The stars that were meant to represent the number of Pro Bowl appearances for the player are here again after appearing on the 2014 jerseys. However, if you take a close look at the home jersey’s nameplate there, the nameplate appears to be a different color from the rest of the jersey. I don’t know for sure what’s going on here; It could be an error on the part of whoever rendered this in photoshop, but it wouldn’t shock me if that’s actually on the real deal jersey. I wouldn’t put it past Nike to do something weird here just for the sake of doing it.

2015 Pro Bowl 3

Overall, it’s not as funky as last year’s version was, but it’s still very close. If you were a fan of the highlighter orange/green and gray look from last season, then you’re probably thrilled to see that they didn’t stray from that look for the 2015 Pro Bowl. For everybody else, it looks like this weird look is here to stay. But it’s the Pro Bowl: I guess they’ve got to do anything to keep people interested in the game, right?

So, what do you guys make of the look? Would you pick up a jersey or not?