Brooklyn Nets Officially Unveil Worst-Kept Alternate Uniform Secret

Nets Alternate F

So, we’ve known for a year now that the Brooklyn Nets were going to come out with a sleeved alternate uniform based on what they wore during their ABA days. We’ve been keeping up with this from the word of a prototype design, to the shorts being sold on eBay, and finally to Andrei Kirilenko posting the jersey in an Instagram post. Now, after months of tiny little leaks, the Nets have finally revealed the entire design to the public world (thanks to Mike King (@MikeKing00 on twitter) for the photos).

Nets Alternate 1

Nets Alternate 3Nets Alternate 2Nets Alternate 4

As I pointed out above, we’ve been on top of this for a year now, so at this point there really isn’t more to say about it. It’s basically what would happen if the Nets’ current uniforms and their uniforms from their time in the ABA had a child, with the child taking on most of the genes from the Brooklyn Nets. With that being said, in my opinion, it’s one of the better sleeved jerseys in the NBA and is going to be a nice addition to their current uniform set. It’s definitely much better than their Brooklyn Dodgers-inspired sleeved jersey, which was just weird-looking.

So, what do you guys think of this, though? Glad that they’ve finally got this uniform out in the open after nearly a year of failing to keep it a secret?