Are these new football uniforms for the UNLV Rebels?

UNLV Football F

This past weekend, UNLV held their annual Rebel Weekend event, and they promoted that event by showing off some different jersey looks. Before the actual event took place, the football program’s facebook page posted this image of some new looks for UNLV. Some were fan concepts, but we did get a look at an actual new helmet for the Rebels.

UNLV Football

Then the actual weekend came and not only did we get another look at the new UNLV helmet, but we also got a look at two new jerseys. The one on the left is your typical “Let’s fit in with the rest of the crowd” jersey aka a black and gray/slate/anthracite jersey, and the second one being a red jersey with black-and-silver striping and numbers.

UNLV Football 2It’s clear that the jersey on the right (which was conspicuously placed with the new helmet)  is the superior one, and would probably be an improvement over their current look, at least in my opinion. The only question we have now is whether or not this is the real deal? We’ve seen teams roll out prototype uniforms before and it’s typical for schools to roll out special one-time deals in order to hopefully sway recruits their way. So I wouldn’t get excited about any potential new uniforms for the Rebels until they actually unveil them. However, it does seem like we could definitely see UNLV in some new uniforms pretty soon. If the jerseys look as good as the one on the right, then this is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Meanwhile, what do you think of what you see above?