Isles Bring Back Fishsticks Logo, Skimp on Jerseys

Islanders Fisherman Fishsticks Logo 2015, worn in warmups only, photo Twitter/PR_NHL

The New York Islanders gave fans a taste, but came nowhere close to giving them what they wanted.

Tonight, before their game against the Florida Panthers, the Islanders took to the ice wearing their infamous “Fisherman” or “Fishsticks” logo, a design many hated at the time but still wanted to see back just one more time…

But the logo was all they brought back, merely slapped onto a modern day practice jersey. Whoopity-doo.

The jerseys were then removed (set aside to be auctioned off) and the team played the game in their standard 2014-15 home blue uniform.

The actual, original Fishstick uniform, from 1995-96

Maybe after hearing how much folks wanted the actual uniform (and to be actually worn in the damn game) they’ll do it right for one night next year? Let’s hope.