Atlanta Hawks Will Adopt Pac-Man Logo As Primary; Maybe Get New Uniforms Too?

Atlanta Hawks Retro Logo Returns 2014-15

During last year’s NBA Playoffs, the Hawks unofficially introduced a modernized version of their classic “Pac-Man” logo (which is actually a silhouette of a Hawk’s head in a circle, for the uninitiated out there). The logo’s resurrection energized the fanbase, and ever since officially adopting the new-old logo, the team has displayed it everywhere they could. From the team’s center court logo, to replacing the old alternate logo on the shorts (before and after)  to the icon of the team’s entertaining Twitter account, the “Pac-Man” logo has been front and center during the team’s extremely successful season on the court.

Atlanta Hawks Logo Compare
As a reminder, here is a comparison of the old and new “Pac-Man” logo

Now, it appears that the Hawks have decided to fully embrace the “Pac-Man” logo by not only using it as a primary logo, but as possibly something more. The snippet from Hawks CEO Steve Koonin below says it all:

Hawks Pac-ManSo, what could the “big, secret stuff” be? A complete overhaul of the uniforms? A special faux-back look that brings back memories of the Dominique Wilkins Era?  An actual, real-life giant red Pac-Man? Obviously, the safe bet is on the Hawks unveiling new uniforms soon, but it really could be anything. One thing is clear: The “Pac” is now all the way back.

What do you guys think it could be? Excited to see that the Hawks are going back to using the “Pac-Man” as the primary logo?