Details Emerge About New Toronto Raptors Uniforms

New Toronto Raptors Logo 2015-2016

SportsLogos.Net has acquired details about what the new Toronto Raptors uniforms for 2015-16 will look like. This information is courtesy an anonymous source within the industry who has seen the new look.

We have been told the Raptors will be sporting four regular uniforms, your standard home and road, plus two alternate jerseys. Best news of all this is that none of the jerseys are expected to have sleeves, bucking that recent NBA trend.

Like the current set, the home jersey will be white with red and black accents, on the road the team will continue to wear red as the primary colour — again with black and white trim.

Both alternate uniforms will be black, one in the traditional team colour scheme of black, red, and white and the other in the new “Drake-friendly” black, gold, and white.

Based on all of the information we were able to acquire we put together these mockups

Keep in mind, this is all we were told:

– Small claw logo positioned under numbers on front

– Four uniforms with the colour schemes shown

– Simple Arial-like font

The rest we simply had to guess on, this includes RAPTORS/TORONTO on each jersey, shorts designs, and jersey striping detail.

New Toronto Raptors Uniforms 2015 2016
Mockups of what the new Raptors uniforms could look like based on information from a reliable source

Yes, that’s the new “basket-claw” logo positioned on the front of the jersey just below the players numbers.

Our source told us these mockups were close but not *exactly* the design of the new look (jersey/shorts striping and the team/player font were two things which weren’t 100% right, but again, it’s close for something this early) — the big things to note here as being accurate are the colours of the uniforms and the placement of the logo on the front below player numbers.

The Raptors unveiled their new team logo for 2015-2016 via their social media accounts two months ago, the new look was met mostly by disappointment from fans of the team… so, the big question is…

If the Raptors end up going with something like this, are you a fan? Does it make the new logo any better? Worse? Let’s hear it in the comments!