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US Soccer Officially Unveils 2015 Away Kit

US Soccer 15 Kit F

For those of you who enjoy reading the news that we share on this website of ours, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since we let you know about US Soccer’s 2015 away kit leaking a while back. In fact, one of the photos that was included in that leak was a picture of USWNT star Alex Morgan wearing the shirt. Now, we’ve definitely got a much clearer picture of the player wearing the shirt.

US Soccer 15 Kit 6In that earlier post concerning the leak, I figured that the shirt was the real deal simply due to the existence of the 2 Women’s World Cup championship stars above the crest, and now it’s confirmed. The only thing that is new about this is the fact that it was revealed that US Soccer will wear solid blue shorts with a white stripe outlined in red, and apparently have 2 sets of socks to go with it: A pair of solid blue socks, and a pair that seems to share a similar design to the shirt.

US Soccer 15 Kit 3 US Soccer 15 Kit 4 US Soccer 15 Kit 5While this particular kit will enjoy plenty of exposure under the limelight of this year’s Women’s World Cup, the USMNT will also be wearing the same design for their 2015 campaign. It should be obvious why there’s no stars above the crest for the men’s team.

US Soccer 15 Kit 2 US Soccer 15 Kit 1Both squads will begin to wear the 2015 kits starting next month; The USWNT will wear them during the Algarve Cup while the USMNT will be wearing them for their match against Denmark in late March. Personally, the date I’m waiting for is the day when the popular 2014 Away shirt gets a big price slash. Now that will be a great day.

But what do you guys think? Do you prefer this over the Bomb Pop shirt? Let us know how you feel about it!