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9 adidas schools get “Made In March” makeover for 2015

Adidas Made In March 2015 Feature
We’ve reached late February, which means one thing if you’re a college football fan: New uniforms. Oh, and I guess that whole NCAA Tournament thing being right around the corner as well. No big deal, right? Digression aside, 9 adidas schools will be receiving new “Made In March” uniforms.
Adidas Made In March 2015

While these are pretty tame from the waist up, things get interesting when you go further down the uniform.
Adidas Made In March 2015 2

Well, it wouldn’t be adidas (or new uniforms in college sports in general) without them throwing in some sort of wrinkle, and there you have it. Obviously, we’ve got two outliers here: Indiana choosing not to have a contrasting color on the waist of their shorts (at least on the road jersey), and Louisville once again going to the well of sleeved jerseys. Considering the fact that they relatively recently won a National Championship wearing uglie — I mean, similar uniforms, it’s not shocking to see them go back to sleeved jerseys for Match.
Adidas Made In March Louisville

Here’s a closer look at the rest of the set:
Adidas Made In March Kansas

Adidas Made In March Michigan

Adidas Made In March Texas A&M

Adidas Made In March UCLA

Adidas Made In March Wisconsin
Adidas Made In March Nebraska

Adidas made In March NC State

So, which one are you a fan of? Texas A&M going gray? Michigan sort-of reaching back for their Fab Five look? Indiana for saying “Thanks, but no thanks” to the weird contrasting waist stripe? Let us know what you think! Also, it appears that none of these schools will run afoul of NCAA uniform rules like Baylor did last year, so that’s a positive.