D-Backs Wearing Purple and Teal in 2015 for “Throwback Thursdays”

Diamondbacks Throwback Thursday

When the Baseball Hall of Fame’s 2015 class was announced earlier this Winter, there was a lot of speculation as to what hat 2015 inductee Randy Johnson would wear on his plaque. Eventually, he opt to go with the Diamondbacks hat that he wore when he helped bring a World Series title to the desert back in 2001. The Big Unit won’t be the only one bringing that hat back to the forefront, as the Diamondbacks themselves will be wearing the old purple uniforms for their Throwback Thursday campaign this season.

According to the Diamondbacks promotional schedule for 2015, the team is going to have 7 Throwback Thursday events this year. Although we know that the team’s going to be wearing their old purple caps that they wore from 1998 until 2006, the only question now is which uniform(s) will they wear with the hat? For posterity’s sake, I’ve decided to post all of the uniforms that the team wore the cap with.

1998-2000 Home
2001-2006 Home
1998 Alternate
1999-2002 Alternate
1999-2002 Alternate
2003-2006 Alternate

So, now that you’ve seen what the Diamondbacks have to offer from that era, which uniform are you excited to see for Arizona’s Throwback Thursday events? Are you happy to see the purple come back at all? Personally, considering the distinct lack of purple in baseball right now (Seriously, Colorado: Quit messing with my emotions and bring back the purple hats!), seeing this look come back (even for a few games) is a welcome sight. But what do you think?