Frisco RoughRiders Unveil Roosevelt-Themed Logos, Uniforms

Frisco RoughRiders New Logo 2015

Stop, drop, shut ’em down open up shop!… Sorry, wrong reference.

The Frisco RoughRiders (Texas Rangers AA) today finally unveiled their new total rebrand this afternoon, one which they had teased us with over the past three weeks.

Designed by Brandiose, the new logos all feature U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt, one time leader of the “Rough Rider” unit and inspiration of the RoughRiders team name.

Frisco RoughRiders new primary logo for 2015
Frisco RoughRiders new primary logo for 2015

“We think that everything came together really well. It’s warm and inviting on one hand, but it also has a historical tie-in. If you look at the elements of the most successful logos and identities in Minor League Baseball, they all hit you from a lot of different angles… We’re telling the story behind the brand, like with the red, white and blue colour scheme. It’s American, yet scorched by the Texas sun.” – RoughRiders general manager Jason Dambach

The primary logo features Teddy in his full Rough Riders uniform swinging a baseball bat reminiscent of the San Diego Padres friar, Milwaukee Brewers barrel man, and most every Brandiose re-brand we’ve seen. Next to Roosevelt is the team script, borderline Philadelphia Phillies style with the red cursive and stars to dot the “i”‘s.

RoughRiders Alternate Logo, 2015
RoughRiders Alternate Logo, 2015

Roosevelt also appears facing the view from the shoulders up, as an alternate logo which will be worn on their BP cap.

Five new uniforms were introduced along with the logos, at home the team will wear cream with “Riders” across the front in red, player number below in blue, and the “Swingin’ Teddy” logo on the sleeve. Cap is red with a white “R-dropshadow” logo.

Frisco RoughRiders Uniforms 2015

This same cap is also paired with the road and red alternate jerseys, the road uniforms are a grey version of the home creams. “Frisco” across the front in place of “Riders”.

There are two alternates, a red and a blue, both share the same design with “Riders” across the front in white, numbers too, just the body colour changes. The blue alt jersey is shown paired with a red cap featuring the Swingin’ Teddy logo from the jersey sleeves.

BP jersey is your standard BP template, red with white piping around the sleeves. Blue and white up the sides, Swinging Teddy on the chest. Blue cap with Roosevelt head logo.

Frisco RoughRiders Alternate LogosOverall, it’s a solid upgrade. Brandiose always creates quality designs, there’s no debate about that. Let’s compare the new look with the old logo:

Roughriders compare

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