MLS Jersey Week 2015 is off and running

New MLS Logo 2015
Thanks to the players and owners coming to an agreement concerning the league’s Collective Bargaining Agreement, the 2015 Major League Soccer season will start on schedule! That’s extremely good news since we won’t have to wait any longer to see all of the new jerseys on display this season, and there are plenty. We covered most of the leaks for you a few weeks back, and during the league’s annual Jersey Week, we’re now getting detailed looks at some of the jerseys that leaked and also seeing brand new jerseys that didn’t leak. So, let’s check them out here!


Chicago Fire
This was one of the many jerseys that leaked, but since its official unveiling, we’ve gotten to get a close look at the details of the jersey.
MLS Jersey Week 2015 Chicago 1

MLS Jersey Week 2015 Chicago 3

MLS Jersey Week 2015 Chicago 2

Houston Dynamo
The jersey actually has a slightly different look from what we saw when the initial design leaked. There’s still a gradient effect on the shirt (which I still believe keeps it from being great), but there’s also a criss-crossing pattern within that gradient. Strange look, in my opinion.
MLS Jersey Week 2015 Houston 1

LA Galaxy
The Defending Champions go back to navy blue with their away kit. Honestly, the striping here bears a passing resemblance to DC United’s away jersey.
MLS Jersey Week 2015 LA Galaxy 1

MLS Jersey Week 2015 LA Galaxy 2

Montreal Impact
A simple white kit with sublimated white stripes across the body. We actually got to see this jersey in action during Montreal’s exciting Champions League defeat of Pachuca.
MLS Jersey Week 2015 Montreal

MLS Jersey Week 2015 Montreal 2

New England Revolution
Another one of the jerseys that got leaked last month, but now we get a closer look at the logo on the back of the shirt and the jock tag as well.
MLS Jersey Week 2015 New England

MLS Jersey Week 2015 New England 2

Orlando City
This jersey actually leaked a few months ago thanks to FIFA 15. Now, OCSC has given us a look at exactly what into making this shirt.
MLS Jersey Week 2015 Orlando

MLS Jersey Week 2015 Orlando 2

Philadelphia Union
The Union will go back to using white as an away color this season, and this time they’ve added sublimated stars onto the shirt. Good thing this isn’t the 90s, because if it was, those stars would probably be blue or gold. Dodged a bullet there.
MLS Jersey Week 2015 Philadelphia

MLS Jersey Week 2015 Philadelphia 2

Portland Timbers
Another jersey that initially leaked. Now, we’ve got a look at the full uniform from head to toe. This look has gotten a lot of criticism, but I actually like it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to try to dodge some pitchforks that will be coming from the direction of Cascadia.
MLS Jersey Week 2015 Portland 1

Real Salt Lake
RSL goes with white jerseys with blue sleeves for their latest away shirt.
MLS Jersey Week 2015 RSL 1

MLS Jersey Week 2015 RSL 2

Toronto FC
If you figured that the lack of a sponsor on their leaked shirt meant that TFC would be going without a sponsor or with a new one, then you’re mistaken. BMO is back on the front of the shirt for the Reds.
MLS Jersey Week 2015 Toronto

Vancouver Whitecaps
We actually covered this leak in its own post a while back. Now, it’s officially been unveiled and we’ve got plenty of details in this image.
MLS Jersey Week 2015 Vancouver

There are still a few more teams who have jerseys left to unveil, and we’ll cover them as they come in. But for now, which team do you think currently has the best look in the league right now?