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Flint OHL Team Named Firebirds, Unveil Logos

Firebirds OHL

Sorry, they won’t be the Flint Stones, not the Tropics either. They won’t even be taking the loveable name Whalers with them from Plymouth.

Thanks to a series of trademark registrations spotted earlier today the new Flint Ontario Hockey League team will be known as the Flint Firebirds, the team has since confirmed this.

Firebirds was apparently one of three names the team had tried to use, the first two – Generals and Phoenix – were blocked by the Canadian Hockey League because they already were used by other teams in the league (nice one).

Flint Firebirds Logo


The logo, as described by the team itself in the trademark filing:

A grey bird with navy outline and white highlights, with its wings spread out. There is an orange background behind the wings of the bird. The bird has orange fire coming out of its beak. The bird is on top of the literal element of the logo “Flint Firebirds”. The letters of the literal element “Flint Firebirds” are white with grey and a navy outline. Below the literal element is a hockey puck in orange with navy shadows and a circular arrow in grey. There is a grey outline around the whole logo.

TLDR? The logo’s a mess.

Several alternate marks were also registered by the club, none of which make up for the fact that we will all really miss the name “Whalers” in the OHL.

Flint Firebirds Logos

Overall, the name is nice but that logo… eh.