Marlins Bring Back Grey Jersey, Drop Orange Caps

Miami Marlins Road Grey Jersey 2012

Miami Marlins president David Samson announced yesterday that the Marlins would be bringing back their grey road jerseys for the upcoming 2015 season.

In an article posted on, Samson said we should expect to see the road greys “more this year”, which, technically could be once. The Marlins haven’t worn their road jersey since September 25, 2012 at Atlanta (a photo from that last game at the top of this post).

From the article:

“I think you’ll see the grey more this year on the road,” Samson said. “And you’ll still see the black, you’ll still see the red-orange and you’ll still see the whites, obviously.”

Miami unofficially dropped the road greys prior to the 2013 season simply because the front office didn’t like the look of them (yeah, well, the road greys didn’t like the look of the front office!). The Marlins did wear a grey throwback uniform and a grey camouflage jersey during the 2013 and another grey throwback in 2014 but never their official modern-day road uniforms. They did make a brief appearance during the MLB All-Star Game last season in Minneapolis, worn by Giancarlo Stanton and Henderson Alvarez.

The Marlins road greys made a cameo at the 2014 All-Star Game
The Marlins road greys made a cameo at the 2014 All-Star Game

The return of the greys wasn’t the only bit of uniform-related news the Marlins announced yesterday, it seems as though the alternate red-orange caps (which Marlins fans love, so naturally they) will be dropped.

In terms of their uniforms, Samson said the team will likely go exclusively with its black caps, although the red-orange caps are popular among fans.

Every game in Marlins history when they wore the orange caps
Every game in Marlins history in which they’ve worn the red-orange caps

Last season the team planned to wear the orange cap for every Friday home game, a plan which lasted about two weeks. Since they were unveiled in the fall of 2011 the Marlins have only worn their red-orange caps four times, they’re 3-1 in those games, the last coming on April 18, 2014.

h/t to @305MiamiTeams for the news tip