NFL goes black-and-gold for 2016 Pro Bowl uniforms

Pro Bowl 2015 F
Next season’s Super Bowl will be the 50th in the history of the NFL, and since this is the NFL we’re talking about here, the league is already treating it like a huge deal. It’ll be the only Super Bowl in NFL history to officially go without roman numerals at the end, it’s being referred to as the “Golden Super Bowl,” and the league is already celebrating a game that is 11 months away.

The excitement for Super Bowl 50 has even spread to everyone’s favorite side event during Super Bowl weekend. No, I’m not talking about Media Day, nor am I talking about all of the parties that go on on the side. I’m, of course, talking about the Pro Bowl, and that game will be getting into the spirit of things as well by adding a golden flourish to the uniforms.

Pro Bowl 2015 1

I can’t really tell due to the lighting of the photo, but I’d guess that the normally-silver Pro Bowl logo is gold on this particular uniform. One thing that’s definitely clear is that the NFL logo has been recolored from its traditional red-white-blue color scheme to a gold and black color scheme.

NFL Pro Bowl 3

If that isn’t enough gold for you, then get ready for this: Every 50-yard marker on the field of every NFL stadium will be painted gold.

Pro Bowl 2015 2

It’s not quite All Gold Everything, but it’s clear that we’re going to se a lot of gold in the NFL later this year as the league celebrates the golden anniversary of its championship game. What do you guys think about the uniforms and the golden 50s?