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The NFL Will be going on a year-long gold rush to celebrate Super Bowl 50

NFL Gold 50 - F
Near the end of yesterday’s post concerning the 2016 NFL Pro Bowl’s gold uniforms, I made a quip about the NFL falling in love with gold this year, but not quite to the point of going full-“All Gold Everything.” Apparently, I spoke too soon, because if today’s news is any indication, then we’re going to see a lot of gold in the NFL this season.

First off, the first major event of the NFL season — The NFL Draft — has seen its logo receive the gold treatment. Here’s the logo for the 2015 NFL Draft.
NFL Gold 50 - 4
It’d be foolish to assume that the NFL would stop there, and they didn’t, as it appears that the gold rush will indeed extend to other official NFL event logos, such as the Kickoff logo for opening weekend and the Playoffs as well.
NFL Gold 50 - 3
If that wasn’t enough, then there’s this news as well: Starting with Week 7 and until the end of the season, every team will wear gold-trimmed logos on their sideline gear. We got an example of this with some gear from the current Super Bowl Champions, the New England Patriots.
NFL Gold 50 - 5
Then, in addition to the number 50 being painted gold on every field this season, there will be a gold NFL logo on painted on every field this season. So, get used to seeing a lot of this around the NFL this season:
NFL Gold 50
So, I was wrong; The NFL is indeed going “All Gold Everything” for 2015-16. Well, the Vince Lombardi Trophy will still be silver, but the NFL is marking the golden anniversary of its biggest game with as much gold as possible. In yesterday’s post, I guessed that the Pro Bowl logos would be gold as well, but I wasn’t sure due to the lighting. However, judging by these recent revelations, it’s safe to say that even the Pro Bowl logo will be gold.
Pro Bowl 2015 1
So, what do you think? Are you ready to give the NFL even more of your money so that you can rock your favorite team’s gold-clad gear? Let us know!