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SportsLogos.Net Unveils New Logo

New Site Logo

After 16 years of the same look, we figured it was time we got ourselves a new hairstyle.

SportsLogos.Net is excited to announce our new site logos! These will replace the C-Star/Leaf design first used in the fall of 1999. As with that original site logo, the new set was designed by Dallas-based Torch Creative. Torch was behind the 2009-15 Stanley Cup Final logos, the logo of the 2015 Goodyear Cotton Bowl, as well a whole host of other famous brands which you can see right here in their impressive portfolio.

“We were honoured to have developed the original star/leaf logo in 1999 and are honoured to have be asked to develop the update of the logo,” said Torch co-founder Michael Thurman, “Being longtime, daily SportsLogos.Net visitors, we wanted to build on the star/leaf motif we developed in the 1999 logo, and we feel that the new logo takes a simpler, yet dynamic approach to the icon.”

New Site Logos

The new mark modernizes the familiar SportsLogos.Net half-leaf/half-star brand while removing the “C”. This allows us to place more focus on the current name of the site, SportsLogos.Net, rather than what the site was referred to when the previous logos were originally developed, Chris Creamer’s Sports Logos.

But what does it all mean?

Maple Leaf: Obviously (right?) represents Canada, where the site was founded and is still operated out of, this also fulfills Canadian law which seemingly requires any new Canadian-based brand to incorporate a leaf in some fashion. It’s also positioned “north” of the…

Star: Paying respects to our overwhelmingly large U.S.-based audience and the fact a good chunk of the teams and leagues featured on the site are American

Circle: To acknowledge our increase in including teams and leagues from the rest of the world, the leaf/star is now placed on a blue circle which some scholars may note is similar in shape and colour to a globe

The primary mark places the star-leaf in a roundel, which is what all the cool kids are doing these days. The site name along with the establishment year are inside the circle surrounding the logo while the secondary and “partial logo” are stripped down versions of the primary mark.

“We put a lot of thought, time and effort into developing, what we hope is, a unique logo for a logo-centric site, which can be a daunting task,” added Thurman, “That said, it sure was fun working on the project.”

logo evolution

The idea of a new mark was first discussed over a pint during a meeting between Thurman, Torch co-founder Brad Bishop, and myself in Dallas this past October. Several ideas and concepts were exchanged back and forth during the past few months, some even abandoning the use of a star/leaf altogether. Ultimately we all felt that design was too important to the history of the site to just do away with it, so we worked to evolve that idea and bring it into whatever we’re all calling this decade.

In addition to the new looks seen above, our message boards, the “Chris Creamer’s Sports Logos Community” otherwise known as the CCSLC or “Creamer Boards” will also have their own version of the new logo:

ccslc logo


As with any new logo unveiling, yes, we are *finally* selling SportsLogos.Net branded t-shirts and ball caps, you can check those out and purchase them right here.


I’d like to really thank Brad and Michael from Torch for developing these new marks, you guys do fantastic work I really appreciate all the time and effort you’ve dedicated to making the site look professional over the years.

I’d also like to thank all of you guys, yes you! For supporting simply by continuing to stop by and visit when you can, honestly if it weren’t for you I’d have given up on this project a very long time ago. I’d also probably be miserable, so… thank you!