Miami Marlins are going Back to the Future with season-long promotion

Miami Marlins Gators Feature
In the 100% historically accurate and scientifically-logical time-travel trio of epic films known as “Back to the Future,” the main characters made a trip to 2015 in the 2nd film. In that film, one of the many predictions that they obviously nailed for the year 2015 was that there’d at least be a baseball team in Miami that’d eventually make the World Series.

Well, now that we’re in 2015, we can safely say that A) there’s a baseball team in Miami and B) it’s been to the World Series (twice, in fact!) However, both of Miami’s World Series appearances have happened before 2015, and naturally, the Miami Marlins are going to try to #RewriteTheFuture by succeeding where the Miami Gators failed: Actually winning the World Series in 2015. As such, the Marlins will be “celebrating” Marty McFly’s trip to 2015 by marking the occasion through the entire season with various events.

The first one of these events includes a social media event in which the Marlins plan on covering their first-ever Major League game from April 5th, 1993; Back in the glorious days of Charlie Hough and teal hats. Of course, the team won’t be wearing throwbacks for their Opening Day tilt against the Braves on Monday, but wouldn’t it be nice if they brought back the teal hats for just one day?
Miami Marlins 1993

Later in the season, another one of those events includes a series in June when the 2015 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs (their prediction, not ours) come to town. For the game on June 2nd, the team will be giving out shirts that commemorate the 2015 American League Champion Miami Gators. Yes, this is actually going to happen.
Miami Marlins Gators

On one hand, it’s definitely weird to see them celebrating a fictional American League championship, but on the other hand, it’s hilarious that they’ve actually decided to print out t-shirts with the cutesy-looking Miami Gator on the shirt (who has received a decent enough makeover since his original appearance in the 1980–I mean, “October 2015”. Finally, the Gator gets his time to shine in real life in 2015! Too bad about the gradient “Miami” script, though. Can’t imagine that it’d get a positive rating over on just for that alone.

So, what do you guys think? For those of you who are going to be in Miami for the series, are you going to try to get one of those shirts so you can proudly represent the 2015 American League Champions whenever you feel like it? Let us know what you think!