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Army will have a new logo and new/old nickname going forward

Until 1999, the United States Military Academy’s sports teams were known as the Cadets (which made sense because the students themselves are referred to as cadets), with the nickname of “Black Knights” coming from the fact that the football team’s uniforms were black. The unofficial nickname became the official nickname in 1999, and that also came with a new logo as well.

Both of those will be changed, as Army has announced that they will be unveiling a new logo and will also go back to the old nickname of “Cadets” going forward. From Army’s press release:

Army Athletics, in partnership with Nike, will introduce a new brand and identity system that will include new logos, lettering and numerals showcased by all 28 athletic programs on Monday, April 13.

With the goal of developing an innovative and consistent athletic identity that pays tribute to the Academy’s legacy and tradition, Army Athletics, U.S. Army and Academy leadership, Nike, current and former cadet-athletes, coaches, historians and West Point graduates, collaborated on a nearly 18-month brand evolution program.

With the Cadets name making a return, could this also signal the return of the Mule to the forefront of the team’s athletic identity? The old primary logo was actually recolored to fit the team’s new identity, but has rarely been seen since.

Either way, there definitely seems to be a bit of intrigue surrounding the new logo direction for the soon-to-be Army Cadets. What do you guys make of this news?