Saints cornerback Keenan Lewis promises to buy fans new jerseys if he switches numbers

Keenan Lewis
One of the most annoying things for sports fans who purchase jerseys of their favorite teams/players is when one of the players decides to change their jersey number. Just like that, your favorite jersey is now a throwback, and it isn’t the cool “Hey, remember when this guy used to play for us during the glory days?” type of throwback. It’s the “Oh you bought this jersey the season before they switched to new, better uniforms” or the “Haha, that guy changed his number today. Your jersey is outdated!” type of throwback. It’s no fun.

Saints cornerback Keenan Lewis understands your pain. The 28-year old defender has announced that he’s planning on changing his jersey number from #28 to #21. In addition, Lewis is assuaging any concerns from his fanbase by announcing that he’ll buy new #21 jerseys for anyone who has a receipt for the old #28 jersey.

Lewis, who currently wears No. 28, said he is thinking about switching to No. 21 or No. 23.

“21 is for Deion (Sanders) my idol and 23 is the first jersey I wore in the Superdome,” he wrote.

Lewis promised to buy fans who had already purchased a No. 28 jersey his new one if they showed him the receipt.

It’s definitely a cool move, and here’s hoping that it turns into a trend for any other player who decides to change their jersey during the offseason.

Meanwhile, have any of you guys fallen victim to a player turning your prized jersey into a throwback in the blink of an eye? Let us know!