More LA Clippers New Logo and Uniform Leaks

Los Angeles Clippers New Logo Leaked

For a team named after a type of boat, there certainly have been an alarming amount of leaks lately.

Courtesy Paul Lukas at Uni-Watch, a whole fleet of new, apparently legit, graphics relating to the new logo and uniform of the Los Angeles Clippers have made their way to the Internet. Including all four uniform images, the new primary logo, the re-branding proposal and the entire team stylesheet.

From Lukas’ post:

Now, you might be saying, “Okay, so somebody proposed this design. But are the Clippers really using it?” Several different sources have confirmed to me that they are.

Paul’s sources are usually pretty ironclad, I’m convinced these are the real deal… or at least very close to it.

A look at the uniforms and primary logo:

LA Clippers New Logo and Uniforms Leaked 2015-2016

To see the full stylesheet and the entire branding proposal check out Paul’s post.