Kentucky reveals *new* primary logo on new court design

Kentucky Logo Featured
The Kentucky Wildcats will have a new primary logo for the upcoming athletic season, and they gave the world a sneak peek of the new logo by revealing the design for their basketball court.
Kentucky Logo
I promise you that there’s a new logo here. Seriously, it’s new. The fact of the matter is that the difference between the new “UK” logo and the old “UK” logo is extremely small. Did you catch it? If you didn’t, fortunately for you (and everyone else), twitter user @stormiebartley noticed and put the two logos side by side.
Kentucky Logo Comparison
As you can see, while the “U” in the “UK” logo is relatively unchanged, the designers at Nike have used negative spacing to tweak the “K” in the “UK” logo. Other than that and possibly eliminating black from the color scheme, that appears to be the sole change to their logo, at least the primary mark.

We don’t know whether or not they’ll also have new secondary and additional logos, but for now, the primary logo appears to have undergone an extremely small change.