Check out Gerard Pique’s collection of jerseys

Pique Collection F
One of the best traditions in soccer is the jersey swap. It’s a common sign of respect for your opponent, and it’s a pretty big deal for most of the high-profile players in the sport. One of the biggest names in the game is Gerard Pique, who’s been a fixture for FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team since the late 00’s. As such, he’s racked up a pretty impressive jersey collection thanks to swaps in a multitude of high-profile contests, and luckily for us, Pique decided to let everybody on Twitter take a look at his collection.
Pique CollectionPique Collection 2

Pique Collection 3
Look at that! It’s a who’s-who of the soccer world. It’s truly an amazing collection, and if you think that it was limited to his experiences at the club level, think again; He also managed to nab an impressive selection of shirts during his international adventures as well:
Pique Collection 4
Again, this is an amazing collection, and it’s good to see that Pique’s treating those jerseys with a good amount of respect and adoration; And with names like those on the back, who could blame him?

Anyways, have you seen better collections from other soccer players or even fans? If so, let us know! It’ll be pretty difficult to top this.