New Philadelphia 76ers Logo Coming

Philadelphia 76ers Logo

The Philadelphia 76ers will be unveiling a new set of logos Tuesday morning, according to the league sources of Mr. Paul Lukas:

New 76ers Logo Coming

It had been announced earlier this year that the Sixers would be getting a new uniform set, one based on a variety of older looks in team history. We were not expecting any logo change for next season.

Based on those earlier uniform rumours it’s safe to say the new logo will retain the red, white, blue colour scheme and likely will still incorporate the classic “76ers/stars/basketball” logo in some fashion.

The 76ers had just rebranded relatively recently, ditching their black/blue/red/gold look for their current traditional set prior to the 2009-10 season.

UPDATE (May 12/15 8:43am ET): Thanks to some digging around by Twitter user @AnaheimAmigos, we have this look at some trademark registrations filed by the 76ers:

New 76ers Logo Trademark

Roundel madness. More 76ers trademark filings can be found here.