New FC Barcelona 2015/16 home shirt will have horizontal stripes

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We’ve got a look at what will more-than-likely be FC Barcelona’s 2015-16 home shirts, and it’s going to be a bit of a departure from their previous shirts. As a matter of fact, word is that this will be the first time in the club’s vaunted history that they’re doing this. The thing that I’m talking about is horizontal stripes.
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As always, thanks to
As always, thanks to

I mean, the crest itself has vertical stripes, and, again, Barca have never worn horizontal stripes in club history. Naturally, this has caused a stir amongst their fanbase. Many publications ran with this story back when it was a mere rumor, and judging by the reaction of the newspapers and the fans themselves, nobody’s really happy with what’s coming down the pike for the Catalan giants.
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My grasp of Spanish is extremely rudimentary, but yeah, they don’t seem pleased. Either way, thanks to the leak from todosobrecamisetas, it’s beginning to look like this is something that Barca supporters both locally and worldwide will have to get used to for next season.
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But, what do you think? Should Barcelona have stuck with tradition here, or are you a fan of one of the world’s most popular sports teams trying something new?