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Memorial Day 2015: All 30 MLB Teams Wearing Camo

Memorial Day MLB Uniforms 2015

This afternoon and evening all thirty Major League Baseball teams will be sporting special camouflage clad caps and jerseys in recognition of the Memorial Day holiday in the United States.

All teams will follow the same template, caps will be standard team caps will the bill in authentic USMC desert digital camouflage pattern — the Canadian-based Toronto Blue Jays will wear camouflage patterned after the Canadian Military.

Jerseys will be largely the same as last season, standard team base design with the lettering and front logos camouflaged. Some teams (such as the Angels, White Sox, and Royals) will be wearing their alternate jerseys – most going with their standard home or road (even the Marlins!).

While the caps are noticeably different (opposite as this year — Memorial Day 2014 saw just the crown in camo) the changes to jerseys are a little more subtle. The Yankees are a good example; in previous years the Yankees wore just a camouflage “NY” on their famous pinstripes, this year the “NY” is still camouflaged but now outlined in midnight blue… it’s a minor difference, but looks much better. Most of the other teams making a change to the jersey involve adding trim, the Blue Jays have added camouflage to their actual logo for the first time, last season it was just the wordmark.

There’s fifteen games on tap today, here’s a look at all the camouflage uniform matchups taking place:

Tigers at Athletics Padres at Angels Astros at Orioles Rockies at Reds Royals at Yankees White Sox at Blue Jays Rangers at Indians Giants at Brewers Nationals at Cubs Phillies at Mets DBacks at Cardinals Braves at Dodgers Red Sox at Twins Marlins at Pirates Mariners at Rays


Take a look at last season’s designs and matchups here. Or if you’re feeling extra bold take a look at Memorial Day 2013, what I liked to call the worst dressed day in Major League history… 2015 is much better.