Atlanta Hawks New Logo Leaked?

Atlanta Hawks Logo Leak

I mean it’s a roundel, so it’s gotta be real… right?

The logo you see above was spotted earlier today by Twitter user @ConradBurry on both an Atlanta Hawks website and on a 2015 NBA Draft cap design

Atlanta Hawks Draft Cap 2015

Atlanta Hawks Website Leak New Logo

The Hawks have long been rumoured to be switching their primary to the popular “Pac” logo, the recently modernized version of their 1980s logo has been an official alternate logo used by the club the past two seasons.

The version leaked here shows that logo in a roundel with the team name above and “Basketball Club” below.

Atlanta Hawks New Logo Leaked 2015-16

Earlier this month we saw another leaked Hawks logo, likely an alternate, which featured wings, flames, and a basketball. There were also indications that lime green would be added to the colour scheme.