Manchester United is labeled as “most valuable soccer brand of 2015”

Most Valuable Soccer Club
The Red Devils may not have won a trophy this season, but they did come out on top of at least one table. That table ended up being Brand Finance’s ranking of the Top 50 Most Valuable Football Brands in the World. After coming in third in 2014, Manchester United bounced back, and not only are they in the Champions League, they’re apparently the most valuable brand in all of world football.

Most Valuable Soccer Club 1

According to BrandFinance, Manchester United is worth $1.2 BN. That’s “billion” with a capital-B, folks. It’s also a pretty huge jump from their ranking in 2014, which is when they were worth “only” $739 MM. The two runners up were German giants Bayern Munich, and legendary Spanish club Real Madrid. Man U’s nearest competitor in England is literally their nearest competitor: Manchester City, who clocked in at being worth $800 MM. Meanwhile, the UEFA Champions League winners Barcelona are currently ranked 6th with a worth of $773 MM.

Despite Man U’s lack of success since the departure of the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson, it’s still clear that the club is currently making hand over fist, and it’s also clear that Manchester United’s crest still carries a lot of clout across the globe. Anybody willing to venture a guess as to who’s going to be on top of this list in 2016?